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Legendary is an action game developed by Spark unlimited
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Legendary is an action game developed by Spark unlimited and published by Gamecock Media Group. This recently released title submerges the player into a world of mythical ancients creatures and monsters which were safely kept inside Pandora's Box, now they've unwittingly been unlocked by Deckard.

Deckard was hired to get an old artifact but his acts will have further effects as a war between mankind and mythology creatures is started.

Seen themselves in freedom after uncountable centuries of imprisonment, griffons take control of the skies, meanwhile werewolves spread the horror among innocent people. Chaos is established in cities which are held under siege and all kind believed inexistent monsters show themselves and prove to be not only real but also full of anger.

Deckard, who is the only one capable of sending all these creepy creatures to their cage, discovers that he is going to have to join an underground secret society and work along with them in order to be able to save the known world and its civilization before it falls completely under the domination of these dark creatures.

All in all, this game will be a delight for those horror tales fans.

María Noel Balla
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